Being Sensitive is a super Power

Apr 10, 2020 | Advice and Inspiration

Ever been called a cry baby? A whine baby? Ever been told you’re emotional or overly sensitive? Do you feel crazy or like people can’t handle you? Do you get called eccentric or strange? Are you labeled as the person who wears their heart on their sleeve? Yea me too and you’re not alone. I want to help you realize all those titles are wrongly given and not earned. This small list is to help you love the sensitive side of yourself. I want you to own it and stop tucking it away. Stop acting tough. We have enough people trying to be Mad Max, we need people who care about others. That’s you!
If the average person was a Grand Piano, they would have 88 keys.
If us sensitive people were a Grand Piano, we would have 100 keys.
Play all 100 keys just right and you have a unique song with a beautiful melody. Or you can just disregard those extra keys on the piano cause they ain’t worth learning.
That’s how the world sees us sensitive people and that’s ok. This article is to shed light on those who misunderstand the sensitive person and those who are the sensitive person.
1. You have an extra skin. It’s invisible, no one knows it’s there but you. You feel music, laughter, sadness, and love with that invisible skin. You feel it on a level no one else can understand. You try to explain it and everyone looks at you like your crazy. Music penetrates that outer skin like a kiss on the lips under a starry violet sky. It causes your heart to beat faster, your breath to catch, your stomach to flutter, and your foot to tap. It’s profound. It’s intense. Deeper than others feel. You close your eyes and grab your chest. The music and lyrics go deep into your soul. You can’t explain it but it’s there and you only know what I’m talking about if you’re sensitive too. It causes an emotion separate to every other emotion. It has its own class and name. It sets you apart and that’s beautiful. Don’t feel bad for it! NEVER! It’s like a 6th sense.
2. You can tell when someone’s happy, agitated, or in emotional pain just by walking into a room. It’s that second skin again. You feel pain so deeply that you’re able to know when someone else is hurting. You can tune in to it through personal experience. You also know how to cheer someone up or bring joy into a room. Why? Because you’re acquainted with deep pain yourself. That’s a part of self awareness not many people get to in their life. You’re special for reaching that point and you’re incredible for having the strength to endure it. You may cry during movies, over react to criticism, blow up during an argument, or sulk for hours, but you are still incredible. All those little things are just part of that huge emotional package. You’re an old soul and only those who are mature enough can handle you. That may leave you alone more often than not, because there aren’t many mature people left. That’s ok, you don’t want to be loved and accepted by the wrong people. They will try and dim your sensitivity and steal your superpower. They’re jealous of how connected you are to the world around you.
3. Sensitive people make great nurses, psychologists, therapists, detectives, artists, musicians, you name it. Why? Well because you care about others passionately. A great detective needs to be able to tell if you’re lying, read people, situations, and circumstances. To do this they need to understand human emotion. A lot of your detectives are sensitive and emotional; they just learn to train it and use it for good. Therapists are usually sensitive. How can you help others unless you understand those feelings yourself? Why do you think they want to be a therapist? What inspired them? Usually it comes from a deep place of pain in themselves and they desperately want to help others through it. Artists usually paint and draw from this deep pocket inside of them. They draw from it like you draw water from a well. Emotions, visions, memories, feelings, and they put them into visuals. Musicians write lyrics and melodies that invoke those intense emotions that come from a sensitivity to their surroundings. It’s a super power.
4. You put others above yourself. You put other’s emotional needs above your own. This can be a good or bad thing. Let’s touch on it a little. A lot of overly sensitive people find themselves surrounded by people who may not be to good. Why? Well they allow themselves to be because they want to fix them. Looking at this through spiritual eyes it’s obvious to say we have a lot of discernment. It’s one of those gifts God gives us. We can see the brokenness inside of others and we are drawn to that darkness. We want to help people but some people don’t want to be helped. We have to be careful not to get sucked in. I have always been drawn to darkness and for a long time I thought I was messed up. It took me a lot of prayer and self discovery to find out it’s a gift. I have to use wisdom or I will find myself going down that rabbit hole. Same for you. Never lose that side of yourself that desperately needs to help others. Who wants to reach out and offer a shoulder to cry on. Just remember why your there and don’t allow those deep emotions to take you deeper than you intended to go.

I hope this sheds just a little bit of light on how amazing you are. You speak an enchanting language only few know. You come from a tribe of rich drums beats, savory dishes over a fire, mud huts and bare butts. A tribe of people only few belong too. Down into the amazon forest under giant lush trees. You belong to a type of people who I consider mythical creatures or rare in the least. Other people see us as bizarre, wild, crazy, overly sensitive and weak. I see us as strong tribesmen who see  the world through different eyes. It’s ok if you’re the only one in a group who thinks like this. It may feel lonely but you can never feel common. You will never be common or dull. OWN it
From one “cry baby” to another and loving myself.
• Megan

Ps. Go gentle on sensitive people. You may not understand it but being compassionate to all people is a part of being a good human. We all come from different backgrounds, cultures, and we are all different. Remember to love someone as they are. Don’t cast them off just because they are not like you.

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