People stare and it’s rude.

Jan 31, 2020 | Advice and Inspiration

I work as a caregiver for the elderly and intellectually disabled. (No identities will be revealed and I am following Hippa. For safety reasons let’s pretend this is just based on a true story. Some details have been changed to protect identity. ) I have to share this story with you guys. It’s important. One of the individuals kept asking to go out to eat, at a restaurant. Who am I to say no? It’s part of our job and we love it! We love seeing them get out and enjoy life. Unfortunately it’s harder for them than us. See both individuals are a choking risk so their food has to be put in a blender. This makes it hard at a restaurant because there are no blenders lying around. Especially since it was a buffet restaurant. We got them out into the parking lot in their wheelchairs. They were excited! We chose a place in the back next to an outlet. It was a bizarre experience, to say the least. Something that shouldn’t have been made bizarre, made uncomfortable by gawkers. Who I think should know better. We got their food and brought it to the table. My coworker pulled the blender from the travel backpack. Everyone began to look up. Confusion took over their faces. They were upset we were about to make some noise. God forbid we interrupt their perfect dinner for the sake that someone else could have the same experience. But there we were, blending food and putting it on their plates. They were happy and enjoyed every bite. I even got a kiss on the cheek and a hug from one of the individuals. They were so content. Yet people were staring. These innocent and precious individuals were just trying to have a nice dinner. At one point the family behind us asked if they could get their ticket and fast. They were in a hurry to leave. The dad kept looking at us and motioned towards us as he was speaking to the waiter. I could tell we had upset him with our presence. Apparently they had chosen the back of the restaurant to enjoy a quiet meal. What they didn’t realize is we had to choose that same location because of the outlet. They left and it left me feeling strange. Mad maybe the correct word. How selfish is it that you can’t have compassion for someone trying to have the same experience as you. Thankfully they were in heaven eating and never noticed the disrespect they were given. However, I DID notice and I’m ashamed. Let’s be kind and understanding to people. We never know what they’re going through. Enjoy your food in the company of someone different. It’s not hard.



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