What awaits us in heaven and what does it really look like?

Mar 7, 2020 | Advice and Inspiration

Mathew 18:3 And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven

We talk about hell so much and not about heaven enough. With this blog post I want to encourage you to yearn for heaven. I don’t want to use hell to scare you. Yes, we should be afraid of hell, and we should respect God. Today though, as you read I pray the spirit fills you with a homesick feeling that shakes you to the core. I want you to want to go to heaven for the right reasons. That reason being, you long to be with Jesus.

This is just for fun. Like a child playing or using their imagination. Can you not see God in that? A fun and joyful spirit. So don’t take anything I say here to heart, but instead use that imagination God gave you. No, we can’t begin to know until we get there, but we can conversate with Jesus on these matters. I pray this sparks new conversations between you and the father, or while your going to sleep this gives you new daydreams to fantasize about. Longing for heaven can never be a bad thing.

  1. New colors, shades, and metallics. You think gold and silver are beautiful? Imagine a new precious metal like you have never seen. New shiny colors that light up heaven. New shades of emeralds in the blades of grass. Deeper shades of ruby than our earthly eyes have ever seen on a rose. Colors never discovered and color palletes never imagined. Ones that will leave you breathless with awe and wonder. I suspect new shapes, new building materials, and new visuals. Imagine a harp playing and the notes like golden ocean waves moving through the air. Maybe even colorful light beams bursting like paint out of a balloon. I believe we will be able to see music and see laughter.
  2. Music in octaves never heard here. Singing voices that dazzle and amaze. Instruments you could never buy in a store. Notes never invented or heard will be waiting for us in heaven. The highs of a soprano even higher and the lows of a bass even lower. Think of a rich and deep drum vibrating the floors. Now imagine this on a level far beyond what we can feel. As deep as you can go here on Earth, the sounds and vibrations will be thousands times more in heaven.
  3. The food in heaven is going to be magnificent. I mean come on, God is a master chef. He is a master at everything else right? New foods and maybe even foods we are accustomed to here on Earth. Who knows? There may even be a KFC but one things for certain, there has to be a Chick-fil-A. In heaven there will be no waiting in line. Orders served hot and fast! No drive through? No problem. All joking aside though, I have a feeling the fruit that hangs from the trees are the size of bowling balls. Maybe the size of cars. Plump, juicy, low hanging fruit ready to be picked with both arms. New flavors, spices, and juices. Heavenly food. Pun intended. Get ready to become vegetarian though because I believe there will be no meat. If there by some chance is, it will NEVER be by slaughter of an animal. It can’t be, there will be no more death of any creature. However you will never be left wanting or lacking. If there is no meat don’t be afraid. The desserts and savory dishes will be more grand than anything here.
  4. The lake like honey on our skin, thick and creamy. As we splash and swim we will feel warm water around us, comforting us. The breeze that blows through heaven is the breath of God. We will feel it on us and through us like a gentle reminder of this perfect gift. It will kiss our skin at every moment in heaven. Hugs will be comforting like no other we ever felt on Earth. Especially when we are embraced by Jesus. I’m talking about touch people! Touch and feeling. Our 4th sense (I believe in heaven we will have more than five.) We will feel with our bare feet the soft velvet grass. With our hands the perfectly smooth walls of jasper. Our feet won’t crush the flowers nor will they wilt. What will it feel like to step on top and never trample them? Nothing will be destroyed in heaven.
  5. We will smell sweet laughter. We will smell joy. Maybe the laugh of God smells like lavender and mangos? Maybe like a new flower we have never seen with nectar so strong it makes us melt. I believe we will smell emotions like love, joy, and happiness. Maybe we will smell each other. No we won’t stink. We will give off a unique aroma. Special to our unique selves. We will only smell pleasant things because those are all that will exist in heaven. We will have new bodies with new eyes, ears, and mouths. Like an old computer that is exchanged for a brand new Mac. We will be getting a HUGE and perfect upgrade. Our eyes like new camera lenses able to see in perfect resolution. Our ears able to hear from miles away. We will smell things that we never dreamed of. Open meadows, ocean waters, fluffy puppies. No they won’t smell like wet dog. They will smell warm and inviting.
  6. Speaking of dogs, I believe there will be animals in heaven. Creatures never seen before. Maybe harmless colorful jelly fish will move about the sky with long streamers trailing behind. Maybe sparkling metallic birds will land on our shoulders tweeting sweet worship melodies before the throne. Maybe our beloved dog Sugar Foot who passed away on Earth will be bouncing around Jesus’ feet. Who knows?
  7. Going back to our perfect and new bodies we will receive, I believe we will have unique bodies but with similar silhouettes. No genitalia at all. There is no need for it. Brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes. Dark skin, light skin, all skin colors. No wrinkles, nor spots, no pores. Just flawless skin. We will wear beautiful robes of all colors with gems, pearls, and precious metals. We wont be the same face lost in a sea of boring. NO! Heaven is grander than that. We will be us, but perfectly us in the sight of God. No English, no Spanish, no German, we will speak a heavenly language and we will be fluent! A language to unite all of us. No pain, nor heartbreak, and never sadness. The air we breath will be pure. We will feel like we are on cloud nine and maybe literally we will be.
  8. There will be no reason to use the bathroom. No waste, no problem. While you’re having a conversation with John the Baptist you won’t have to dash off to the loo! Now can we all get a big Hallelujah for that one!? No pain in our bellies and no reason to buy Poo pourri. Where does the amazing food we just ate go? Who knows? It’s heaven. All we got to do is enjoy it.
  9. Will there be babies in heaven? I BELIEVE YES! Nurseries full of all the unwanted babies aborted on Earth. Full to the brim of babies miscarried or still born waiting on their mamas. Maybe they’re just staying babies as nurse angels look after them. When we get there we get to raise them and all the barren women rejoice! Once they reach an age appropriate to Gods idea, they stay that way for eternity. They never know pain or heartache. Just imagine God sitting on his majestic throne bouncing a baby on his knee as other children dance around him singing praises. Don’t worry your baby is in good hands, in the hands of God.
  10. Will we fly in heaven? Possibly but who needs to when you can just think of a place and BAM! Your there. It would be fun though to soar through the sky lit up by the glory of God. I’m sure God has all that thought out. All the recreational activities we want. Maybe even roller coasters but they will be safe!
  11. We will work in heaven and that’s scripture! You may aid in the nursery, or plant gardens that grow into the sky. You may pick fruit from the trees or help decorate robes with gems. Whatever you do it will be fun and full of joy.
  12. We will worship like never before. When one person says hallelujah it will be like the wave at a football stadium rolling through heaven. Everyone will begin shouting and singing. Worship services at the throne of heaven. People will be on their faces or dancing. Maybe shouting and spinning. Jesus will be right there in the midst of the worship. Maybe I can grab his hand and spin around with him, picking up my feet in a joyful jig. We will enjoy it, don’t worry. It won’t be a boring Sunday morning sitting in the pew. You’re silly. It’s going to be a grand party forever celebrating the Lord of all and you are invited.

Heaven is going to be amazing and we can ponder and wonder but we will not know till we get there. I do know one thing for absolutely sure. It’s going to exceed our greatest expectations and it will be nothing like we can fathom. I just pray you’re going. So I have to say, are you? Don’t be afraid of this question. It’s nothing to sweat over. It’s simple. God prepared a paradise that transcends the greatest tropical island for you. Yes, put your name on the dotted line. For you. It’s paid for in full. His son Jesus took care of it on that old rugged cross. Now all you have to do is reach out and take it. Now don’t think about, “Is it real?”, and all that mumbo jumbo. Just take it! Ask Jesus into your heart and ask for forgiveness. Now ask him to reveal himself to you. As he does you will see he’s not who you thought him to be. He will help you as you learn and grow. Don’t be shy. Come to heaven. It’s going to be great. Forget hell and all that mess. You don’t have to go. If the train was leaving today for that paradise over yonder, would you board it? HA! So would I. I’m ready! So why not prepare for it when it does come?

With love, 

  • Megan

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  1. dolphinwrite

    It’s been said we can’t imagine, so I don’t. We’re not to make pictures of what’s above. But I imagine it’s so much “better” than what we see here. Where there’s no sin and we live in God’s glory forever. Regarding hell, we’ve considered that separation from God for all eternity is the punishment, and that’s why we are thankful Jesus Christ came for us.


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